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South Kansas City Gold Buyer...

is a local buyer of scrap gold.

We don't sit in an office waiting for you to come to us. Instead, we come to you.

This means lower overhead, which means higher payouts. In other words, more money for you.

Call today and we will make a cash offer to buy your old gold items. It couldn't be any simpler. If you have any other questions on the process, please see How to sell gold or our FAQs.

Step 2: The quality (Karats) of my gold

When we talk about karats, we are talking about the quality, or purity, of your gold. The higher the karats, the purer the gold. 24 karats is pure gold. Unless you have bullion or gold coins, you probably won't have 24KT gold. It's too soft by itself to be useful.

Your first step is to divide the gold into piles by karat. It doesn't matter what color it is - yellow, white, green or rose gold all have the same amount of gold. Karats are what count.

What karats are common for gold jewelry?

How do I know what my jewelry is?

Most gold jewelry is marked in an inconspicuous place. Some places to look are:

If you can't find a marking, but you are pretty sure it's gold, put it in the pile of 10 karat gold.

Figure out the percentage of gold in each type

Simply divide the karats by 24 and that's your percentage:

Step Three: Weigh your gold

How do I weigh my gold?