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South Kansas City Gold Buyer...

is a local buyer of scrap gold.

We don't sit in an office waiting for you to come to us. Instead, we come to you.

This means lower overhead, which means higher payouts. In other words, more money for you.

Call today and we will make a cash offer to buy your old gold items. It couldn't be any simpler. If you have any other questions on the process, please see How to sell gold or our FAQs.

Step 4: The value of my gold

This is where we put it all together.

Multiply the grams of gold by the price per gram.

Continuing with our example, if we have 12.1 grams of gold in our items, and the current price per gram is $54.66, the value of the gold is:

$54.66 X 12.1 grams of gold = $661.39

Wow! So I'll get $661.39 for the gold?


That's the value of the gold after it has been refined and extracted and processed and certified. All of those steps cost money. And each step along the way, there is someone who needs to get paid and make a little profit. There is also some loss along the way for small stones or steel springs or posts.

This number is the starting point to calculate whether an offer is reasonable or not. Virtually every gold buyer will make an offer a based as a percentage of that amount - whether they will admit to it or not. The key now is to select the right buyer to ensure that you get a fair and reasonable offer.

Where should I sell my gold?