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South Kansas City Gold Buyer...

is a local buyer of scrap gold.

We don't sit in an office waiting for you to come to us. Instead, we come to you.

This means lower overhead, which means higher payouts. In other words, more money for you.

Call today and we will make a cash offer to buy your old gold items. It couldn't be any simpler. If you have any other questions on the process, please see How to sell gold or our FAQs.

Where should I sell my gold?

We'd like to say that the answer to that question is always South Kansas City Gold Buyer.

And if you have scrap gold to sell, that would be true. We offer great prices on scrap gold. We pay cash on the spot. It's quick and easy and you'll always get a fair price.

But there might be other points to consider. It may be that your items have value beyond the mere scrap value of gold.

Ask yourself these questions:

When should I come to South Kansas City Gold Buyer?

We deal in scrap gold. With very few exceptions, everything we buy is going to be melted down at our refinery so we can extract the gold. (Solid gold coins would be one exception.)

Even if you have rare or unique items, we are going to pay the same price as we would for a broken necklace, a bent ring or half a pair of earrings.

If that's what you have, come see us. We pay the best prices in town. At least, that's what our clients tell us.

Call us today at 816-718-5251 to set up an appointment. It's quick. It's easy. You'll get a great price for your scrap gold.

When should I go some where else?

When to vist a Jeweler or Consignment Shop:

If you have a rare or unique piece of jewelry, you may want to visit a jeweler or consignment shop. It may be that they will either buy it outright or offer to sell it on consignment.

Always be sure to clarify what they are offering. If they are only offering scrap value, come see us before you sell. Or make an appointment with us first to find out what the scrap value is. Then you'll know if their offer is for jewelry or for scrap.

When to go to a Pawn Shop:

If you just need a short term loan and don't really want to permanently part with your gold, then a pawn shop might be a good choice. Many specialize in short term loans with jewelry as collateral.

But if you just want to sell, this won't be your best choice. Many people are trying to cash in on the high price of gold, so the market is flooded with old jewelery. Many pawn shops are only paying scrap prices for run of the mill items. We consistently beat the pawn shop prices on scrap gold.

When to sell it yourself:

Craigslist, eBay, local classified ads - there are many avenues. Just be aware that right now, more people are selling than buying. But if you think your item has special value, you may do better selling it yourself.

The bottom line:

If you have old, broken or unwanted gold, call South Kansas City Gold Buyer. We will offer you the best possible price - in cash - for your scrap gold.